The short rain

Saturday, 8 September 2018

A long few days. I’m happy to be done for the moment and for the rest I’ll have tomorrow. It’s odd– it’s Saturday night but that doesn’t mean what it once did to me.

It’s dark out now. There’ll be no parties or bars or even coffeehouses. Just quiet and my computer.

Haven’t posted anything in more than a few days and I feel kind of bad about that. I’ve been traveling though.

A long drive back to my hometown, which was good. I wasn’t sure about that, about how it would go, I mean. Parents, family, you know, it can be muddy.

I returned to Iowa in the rain.


The Voyage Home

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Dangerously hot today. Excessive heat warning until 10 pm. Just hellish. That kind of heat puts me in a terrible mood. Thankfully, a magnificent thunderstorm is currently in full swing.

Went to TrekFest in Riverside, Iowa.


The Voyage Home Museum was my favorite part. Full of various memorabilia. Of course, right? It’s small, I mean, it’s not like some giant national museum. Though I enjoyed it more than any other museum I’ve been to. But maybe it’s the people that make it special.
Not the most gregarious bunch, sure, but, in a way, we all knew each other. There wasn’t any fear or anxiety there.
The owners of the museum couldn’t’ve been friendlier. They listened politely as a man went on and on about his own hometown of Chester, Illinois– the birthplace of Popeye. A larger woman struck up a conversation with me on the sidewalk. I doubt she would’ve done that normally. But there, it was ok. And the conversation we had? It was wonderful. I wonder how much I’ve missed out on simply because people are hesitant to approach one another. Because I’m hesitant.


A wide range, too, at least physically: From a very disabled young man and his mom to, well, some very attractive young women sporting Vulcan ears. But we knew why we were there and so those superficial differences didn’t matter. We were the same.

Attended a lecture of sorts given by two college professors (husband & wife) on the behind-the-scenes of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Originally titled, I discovered, The Vengeance of Khan. Changed as a courtesy to the Star Wars franchise, which was already planning on using the title Revenge of the Jedi. There is much love between the two worlds as many have, at least early on, worked on both. I ate raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream during the beginning of their talk.

After, I walked around town for a bit. It’s not exactly a wealthy place. You can see it when you get up close. But then, it’s a very small town in Iowa– it’s to be expected. They’re not known for high-finance and the stock market. There are a few local businesses: A bar/restaurant, a print shop (called Federation Printing or something like that), a coffee shop (coming soon and to be called Trek 22), a do-it-yourself single car wash…It’s a farming area, much like where I am now. Well, that, and the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.


Above, downtown Riverside.

The whole area took on a festival feel. Later, I ate a corndog, drank a beer, and listened to a band play that had nothing to do with Star Trek.


Driving away

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Today, long hours have left me physically tired. Mentally, I feel ok. Decent. Rain yesterday and I did little work. Felt off that day though. Fell asleep while reading, which I rarely do, and dreamt I was doing odd jobs around the house. Perhaps the most disappointing dream of my life. Usually they’re fantastical–or at the very least, nonsensical– but this, no thanks.


Deep Ellum in Dallas. Used to live close by to this. I miss it. A lot of really good and friendly people there. And some amazing food.

The other day, I went to a church festival because I got a free meal ticket. Free dinner, right? It’s a very small community and so I was surprised by the relatively large turnout. From children to the elderly were there. Everyone seemed to know each other– so I stuck out a bit.Friendly and welcoming though. I enjoyed the people watching immensely.

Had a feeling there and I’m not sure of its name. Felt like… nostalgia for something I never had? I could imagine falling in love with a local girl and all. We’d go to church and do all those traditional things. But I knew it was only a passing fancy. Driving away, I didn’t look back.

There was barbecue. As I mentioned, I miss Texas. Now they know about cooking pig. What those church-goers offered… well, it just couldn’t compare. Not even in the same league. Before I ever went to Texas, I would’ve loved it, but… yeah. (Is it barbecue or barbeque?)

Here’s one thing Iowa has that no one else in the world can lay claim to: The future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk. I’ll be traveling to Riverside very soon for their annual TrekFest. I can’t wait. The theme for this year: Khan!

Truth be told, I strongly prefer Next Generation to the classic. Voyager and Enterprise, too. But I won’t tell anyone that when I’m there. As I walk those hallowed grounds, if someone were to ask me, well, much like Marc Cohn: Ma’am, I am tonight.

Driving in Memphis with my brother. That’s the Mississippi, by the way. Sadly, traveling away from Texas. But it was very good to be with my brother. We had a wonderful time in Nashville that evening. We spent some time there, in the latter city, and we both fell a little bit in love with the place.


Monday, 18 June 2018

Too hot and too much work. But a few hours working in the basement so… that was nice. Or cool, I should say.
Later, a storm came, cooling everything. It was such a relief, it almost made me feel religious.

The storms out here in Iowa are really something.

Years ago, I had, I don’t know, a fling, I guess, with a girl from Iowa. Nothing really happened or came of it though. Mostly, we wrote each other letters (the ones with stamps). I was living in Cincinnati at the time. It made me feel like we were part of something special. Or rather, we were creating something special.

But it just didn’t work out.

I have no interest in contacting her again. Though I’m happy for the memories.

Maybe it’s the solitary nature of my life right now, but it’s been pleasant to remember people from the past. Some return again and again but others, there was only the one moment. And that’s ok. (That’s also, I think, a real problem with social media: Some ought to remain in the past.)

I dislike the Christian focus on eternity. As if for a thing to have value, it must be forever. I prefer Achilles when he was alive: He had his moment in the sun and then he died. (I ignore him when he is later encountered in the afterlife.)

Nonetheless, I do take great solace in knowing that there are certain people who will always be part of my life– and the reverse, too, of course. In that sense, we are not alone.

Many don’t know this but the Highlander television series is superb. (Well, ok, maybe not the last season or so.) One of my favorite lines:

Just because a relationship changes, doesn’t mean it ends.