The flies, man, the flies

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Rainy and cloudy yet muggy. Sorted through hundreds of pears today, among other weird tasks. What a bizarre sentence that is. I doubt I’ve ever put those particular words together in such an order before.

Here’s a sentence I once heard. I’ve never caught it again: I don’t like bacon.
From a friend/co-worker a few years back.

So the pears. Two categories to start: Green or yellow. Each then yields two other categories: Blemished or not. Four piles in the end.
Pretty dull, I know. But the flies, man, the flies. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced. So many. And the buzzing. Relentless. Kept thinking that one of the Four Horsemen was moments away. Pestilence, I guess.

A picture of some people who once lived where I now live some time ago. The place looks about the same today. I sat on the porch there on the right– with the flies.

The photo doesn’t have anything to do with this post. I noticed it and decided to put it in.

It’s a happy picture. Or at least, I think. I suppose people don’t typically photograph sadness. Well, not their own.

Maybe there’s a parallel universe where everything is the same except people are brutally honest about themselves and their lives on facebook. No showing off or image-crafting. I wonder how that would change things– the ripples, I mean. Would it be a better world? A world with less sickness?

I don’t know. But I know, here in this universe, I’m utterly tired of what has happened to social media. When I was much younger, I somehow came across the Hacker’s Manifesto. Looking back, sure, it’s a bit juvenile but those words have come to define my ideal form of the Internet.