Friday, 14 September 2018


Finally finishing up at the barn. My work of preparing it for the contractors is completed and they’ll be there on Monday to rebuild the foundation. I’ll still be out there tomorrow and next week but my real work is done.

I’ve discovered that there’s always more to do on a farm.

Though as the summer comes to a close so does my time here. It won’t be forgotten and this period has helped me considerably. It may have saved my relationship.


The above is from the local high school’s homecoming game, which I attended. It was boring, sure, but I knew that going in. I just wanted the experience, for the memories to return. Kids running about wildly– falling down, yelling in excitement, and ducking under the bleachers. The high schoolers crammed together in the student section, shouting and moving in unison. Old people there to support their children or simply to root for the old home team.

Made sure to stop by the concession stand to buy an overpriced hamburger and nachos. The food of memory.

Sadly, the home team wasn’t good enough. The Cougars got smashed by the Indians. A margin of twenty-something.

I’ll end up missing aspects of my life here but I find myself anxious to leave. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything but I see now that I prefer the city. I miss getting cell reception or having a place to eat past 8 pm.



Wednesday, 6 June 2018

We’re moving fast on preparing the land. Faster than I thought. Could be that I will be the one to finish it. Markers are being left, so to speak, should some future archaeologist excavate the land. They’ll be able to figure out how it looks in our time and what we did. Will they know the why? I’m sure they could make a decent guess. They might even be right.

Spoke about the current goings-on in Hungary as we toiled. Apparently, a single political party has swept the country. They quickly went about rewriting laws so as to ensure their continued reign indefinitely. Control of the media was next. (I knew nothing about this.) Thus, the erosion of democracy from those democratically elected.

I mentioned how one could take all the equipment a Marine uses– weapons, armor, clothes, etc.–and give it to a foreign group. But it wouldn’t matter. They’d be nothing compared to a real American Marine. Because of the culture and institutions America has cultivated over many long years. Without that invisible backing, there is nothing.

Likewise, if a country doesn’t have strong democratic traditions and a culture of democratic ideals… democracy itself becomes a plant without roots. The slightest breeze will carry it away.


A storm came tonight. It was over quickly but it had strength. Saw a bright flash out the window followed by a terrifying and deep boom! The whole house shook. And me too. Scared the hell out of me. But only for a moment. After it passed, it was sunset and the western sky looked like it was on fire.

There was a very small chapel in my high school, which received very little traffic. So it was a good place to sneak off to with a friend to talk about life and dreams and all the things teenagers talk about. A good place to smoke a cigarette too. A friend from that time messaged me today. I read the words slowly, trying to make it last as long as I could. Though her impact on my life has been large, there has been only silence for a long time. She seems to be going through similar trials. I miss our chapel talks. God, I miss her. I miss everything.